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HCRAssist Mission

HCRAssist is a mentorship program designed to connect prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students with graduate students currently studying at the University of Alberta to get advice on subjects such as graduate school applications, contacting potential supervisors, research grant applications, Curriculum Vitae writing, thesis defence preparation, amongst other topics. Please visit the UAlberta website to find information on admission requirements and the admission process.

Looking for Assistance?

If you are looking for assistance or have questions about graduate studies at the University of Alberta in History, Classics, or Religion, please fill out the Google Form below. We will forward it to a graduate student who has the relevant expertise to assist you. 

Please feel free to also email with any question you have.

Link to Google Form 

Copying Down
Colorful Books

Additional Resources

Please find additional resources and useful links below 

Graduate School Information

Awards and Funding for Graduate Studies at UAlberta

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research 

International Student Services Center

Graduate Studies in History, Classics, and Religion

Admission Requirements

General Information on Graduate Studies

History, Classics, and Religion Faculty

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