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History, Classics, and Religion Graduate Students' Association 


About Us

The History, Classics, and Religion Graduate Students' Association (HCRGSA) is the official graduate student organization of the Department of History, Classics, and Religion at the University of Alberta. It was formed in 2020 after Religious Studies was merged into the Department of History and Classics as the successor to both the Religious Studies Graduate Student Society (RSGSS) and the History and Classics Graduate Students' Association (HCGSA), which itself was formed from earlier student organizations after the merger of History and Classics in 1994. Through its various incarnations, the HCRGSA has been representing History, Classics, and Religion graduate student interests across four decades. To this end, we sit as members of both the university-wide Graduate Students' Association and the department council, actively fundraise to ensure our continued sustainability, and engage our members in social and scholarly activities.

The HCRGSA is proud to be associated with a graduate journal from within our department, Past-Imperfect, which publishes graduate research from History, Classics, and Religious Studies. Axis Mundi, now defunct, was the former Religious Studies graduate research journal that folded in 2013. Axis Mundi's archives are open access. 

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